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  • Feb
  • 27
Lyndhurst Soccer Club Dinner & Awards Ceremony

Thank you to all Players, Parents, Coaches and Family Members for making the 1st Annual Lyndhurst Soccer Dinner and Awards Ceremony a great success!!  It was a wonderful celebration of our Team's and Club's achievements this past year and an opportunity to look forward to an exciting future!!

Lyndhurst Soccer Club Board 

1st Annual Lyndhurst Soccer Club Dinner and Awards Ceremony

  • LSC Scarf
  • 1
  • Outstanding Contributor Award recipient Karen Carrino
  • Outstanding Coach Award recipient Jorge Amaral
  • 2009 Girls Travel Team
  • 2010 Boys Travel Team
  • 2011 Girls Travel Team
  • 2009 Boys Travel Team
  • LSC Board
Adults: $45 
Players: Free 
Children can also have option for Chicken/Prime Rib option (with paid adult ticket)

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